Project 40- New Members' Orientation 1


Suzanne Baynes

Local organization

JCI St. Vincent

National organization

West Indies


Suzanne Baynes


June 23, 2015


Participants, Our communities, and JCI Tobago

People impacted



Growth and development for the chapter to 40 active members. Impacting the communities with greater man power. Achieving collaboration with possible partners/organization. Ensuring possible members fully aware of JCI’s high standard of operation and dedication to volunteerism before making full commitment. Marketing tool to brand JCI a training and development organization that demonstrates social responsibility, leadership and action oriented.


To develop an overall growth of the chapter. Create the opportunity to be the leading organization to create positive change both in individuals and communities. Detect Networking opportunities. Start fostering Partnerships with other Groups in Tobago. Goal Opportunity for expansion of possible two chapters on the island. Create greater communication opportunity with possible Sponsors


More emphasis on one on one interaction with persons invited to join JCI. Person tend to get a clearer understanding of what to expect also the physical connection shares that family oriented feel at first chat the way Jaycees are known for. Follow up calls are also important because though person are interest sometimes other matters in personal life can affect joining immediately but it is our duty s Jaycees to keep the motivated and interest in making a positive change.


We achieved more man power to conduct sustainable projects that would impact out communities positively. Also, we were able to keep person excited to volunteer time.

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