JCI UB 2015 Entrepreneurship Academy


Tchoffo Herman Kongni

Local organization

JCI University of Buea

National organization



Tchoffo Herman Kongni


June 23, 2015


jci ub

People impacted



- Train young people on business plan writing, business creation and sustainability - inculcate elementary financial principles to young people - and organize JCI UB Best Business plan competition to promote the practical aspect of the course


By the 15th of May, 72 participants had registered for the training and on the 16th May, the training started properly with Senator Gilles Lewat as head trainer assisted by Mr Foko Rollin, Emmanuel Babila, Bonga Lesly and Sakwe Simon. this continue till day 2 and the following modules were covered; introduction to business, business module canvas, best business plan competition, effective budgeting for startups, business opportunities and challenges in Cameroon. this was made practical with animations and group work moderated by participants. Day 2 ended with an exchange with some business people like Mr Simon Teke, CEO MTN TECHNO HOUSE Buea, CEO, Bonga Juice and also JCI Cameroon EVP, Laye Mbunkuh and NVP Alem Agendia. then was the handing over of certificates to participants for it was a great event.


- committee should seek partners and stakeholders quite in advance - the university administration should also support such an initiative without strings attached. -trainers should not exaggerate especially on lodging arrangements made by committee - trainers and committee should manage time effectively


-72 young people were effectively trained on business creating and sustainability. -12 start ups were initiated by participants - thus we indeed accomplish our mission of providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change./////

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