Zazasoa e-anatra


Zohasina Razafinjatovo

Local organization

JCI Antananarivo

National organization



Zohasina Razafinjatovo


June 25, 2015


EPP Andafiavaratra (Public school) EPP Bongatsara ( Public School) Ecole Anganomasina Famonjena

People impacted



Improve the quality of education and development opportunities for students and teachers by the introducing of tools from Information and Communication Technology in the education.


JCI Antananarivo undertakes each year one education related project. And for 2014, the project zazasoa e-anatra is seeking to improve the quality of education. Tools from Technology of communication and education were mainly used for this purpose. Indeed, ICT can produce attractive contents that can improve student learning for pupils and better teaching methods for teacher.


To improve results, the changes that could have been made relate to internal management of the project: given the school calendar, and JCI calendar, such projects should be designed and conducted in conjunction with the school year. A first appraisal should be conducted at the beginning of the scholar year (in September), so that we can make a correct evaluation of the project at the end of the scholar year ( In late june ).


Three schools were equipped with computers. These materials are already contributing to the creation of three following major impacts: The computerization of school administration: from now transcripts, lists of students and different paperwork can be made in the school itself. It is greatly reducing the cost and time spent to perform these tasks. Furthermore, the availability of these tools in schools, enable teachers to improve their skills, not only in IT, but also and especially enable them to improve their knowledge. Indeed, rich digital documentation resources ( French language, grammar, science…) have been uploaded to the computer. These documents serve to staff development for teachers and the development of their teachings. “ICT mornings” held in two schools were beneficial not only for more than sixty students but also for JCI members and dozens of members of the teachers staff. Those students have benefited from an experimental session of the tools of new technologies that can open to them new fields of opportunity. A session on perspective jobs was given to inform children about other careers they may consider for the future. For JCI member, « ICT mornings » were opportunities to learn more about animation for the children and to better understand educational issues. - For students of the EPP Ilafy Andafiavaratra, furthermore, it has been noticed that the use of tablets offered by Orange have increased motivation and better level of knowledge of students, thanks to the illustrative course contents and playful nature of the tools.

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