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Khaleid Holder


June 23, 2015


Children between ages 9-11, their families and the nation of Barbados

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• To produce a national Math enrichment, coaching & competition program that promotes primary school Mathematics achievement in every school. • To accelerate students’ interest and achievement in Mathematics. • To raise awareness as to the impact of the decline in Mathematics scores on the wider Barbados society. • To generate public awareness for Junior Chamber International Barbados and sponsors


In the past 10 years, Mathematics scores among children who sit the Barbados Secondary Entrance Examinations has been on the decline. The Mathfanatix project was created to attempt to reverse the decline in Mathematics scores in the Barbados Secondary Entrance Examinations (BSEE) and to increase interest and involvement in Mathematics in order to assist in developing a technically literate population essential to global competitiveness and the quality of life. In 2014, the aim was to select students ages 9-11 years from primary schools where Mathematics scores were recorded at the lowest. The students were taught in various ways such as on-site tutoring and an online Maths Tutorial format. In addition, a Mathematics competition open to all primary schools is to be had. This project sought to improve the students’ academic performance in Mathematics for the 2015 11+ Exam as the Mathematics scores at 11+ has been declining over the past 10 years. The project identified followed the JCI Active Citizen Framework, by identifying a need in our community and engaging with partners in Government, Business and Civil Society to take action and solve this challenge.


With the success of this project, we recommend a new intake of students for the September academic year, expanded hours of tutorial sessions, procure Wi-Fi dongles to allow connectivity to the internet at the locations and host Mathematics competition.


These students benefited tremendously from the small group sessions and tutor encouragement and have lead to the improvement in Maths grades with all of the students. Accomplishments include: “Best Local Community Empowerment Program - 2014” at the JCI West Indies National Convention “Project of the Year” at the JCI Barbados level All of the students passed the Barbados Secondary Entrance Examinations with very good grades. The students were extremely pleased with their results. This is a proud achievement for the local Chapter as we achieved our objectives in reversing the low Math scores the children had prior to the start of the project and accelerated their interest in Mathematics. Through the project, the awareness of the reversing trend in Mathematics was raised in the traditional media and social media.

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