7th Roundtable Meeting /Chat With the president of AKUT


Ipek Guney


February 25, 2011


JCI Ankara Members, AKUT members

People impacted



To increase our contribution towards personal development of our members and contributions to their personal vision.


About AKUT: AKUT is a member of INSARAG (Search and Rescue Advising Group under United Nations since 1999).AKUT is a volunteer association focused on search and rescue. JCI Ankara organizes Round Table Meetings since 2010. In this meetings, JCI Ankara hosts a leader from various sectors and our members have chance to chat and have dinner with this famous leaders in a unceremonious ambiance. on thr 7th Roundtable Meeting our guest was AKUT's Ankara Chapter's president Mr.Hakan Korkut.


President of JCI Ankara and President of AKUT Ankara had an oral agreement about establishing project together. This 2 NGO will organize a 1 day outddor and indoor trainings&workshops about search and rescue technics and self-confidence.

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