Smiling Eyes Project - We Make Cup Cake


Gunes Kocamanoglu


March 1, 2011


abandoned children

People impacted



By this activity, the sensivity of the participants about the disadvantaged children (like cancerous, disabled, employed children) is increased and also through the provided trainings personal development of the participants is aimed. With the earnings of this activity, the nongovernmental organizations are supported financially for their children related projects.


At this year’s first activity of Gülen Gözler Project, as a team, delicious cup cakes were made at Kitchen’s Studio with Chief Selin Drin. All the cooked cup cakes were sent to Göztepe Semihaşakir Children Hearth. Sponsored by Eker, with the provided milk, a lively and jaunty meal and also smile in children’s eyes are tried to be created.

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