JCI Antigua 50th Anniversary Gala


Reina Mason

Local organization

JCI Antigua and Barbuda

National organization

West Indies


Reina Mason


March 27, 2011



People impacted



To celebrate 50th anniversary of JCI Antigua's existence and achievements To reunite with, & honour founding members To honour past Presidents' contribution to the organization by presenting each with a 50th anniversary commemorative pin To recognize oustanding members by awarding Senator status To produce and present a collage or banner of JCI Past Presidents To produce history video documentary To raise funds for Chapter Development


The 50th Anniversary Gala primary purpose was to celebrate JCI Antigua's existence and achievements. Also, it provided an opportunity for current members to meet,interact with founding members, and learn about the history of our local organization. Additionally, it allowed for past Presidents to be recognized for their stellar leadership which contributed to the survival of the of the organization. Members who actively carry out the mandate of JCI and are committed to the movement also recognized in the form of bestowing Senator status upon them.


A project of this kind requires full membership participation in the planning stages for it to be fully successful with respects to financial gain. Continue to maintain contact with founding members, by including them in future activities of the organization.


Members got an opportunity to reconnect with founding members who are still alive (three of five) Past Presidents recognized for leadership ability Outstanding members rewarded with Senator status for their commitment and contribution to the JCI movement History of the local organization documented in video Members celebrate achievements of the organization in grand style

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