Ming Chuen Lai


January 21, 2013


Victoria Junior Chamber (VJC), JCI Hong Kong (JCIHK), Organizing Committee, Co-organizer, Sponsors, Supporting Organizations, Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), marketers, designers, awardees.

People impacted



1. To stimulate the awareness of the importance of a high-impact brand logo design among small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong 2. To recognize SMEs who have made efforts in developing an outstanding brand logo design 3. To provide practical knowledge, techniques and experience sharing on crafting a successful brand logo design for SMEs 4. To encourage SMEs to enhance their corporate branding and image packaging 5. To promote Victoria Junior Chamber as a youth leadership training organization dedicated to serving the well-being of the Hong Kong economy


INNOBRAND is a first-ever program in Hong Kong organized by a non-profit organization that focuses on brand and logo designs for SMEs. The project aims at enhancing the overall brand performance of the small and medium enterprises. A total of 4 seminars, organized free of charge to the public, were organized to offer practical knowledge and techniques on brand development. The “SME Creative Logo Competition” was organized to encourage SMEs to develop a high-impact brand identity as a measure to increase their competitive edge. The project received substantial support various government bodies, private organizations, chambers of commerce, and the media. Exposure in a wide variety of media channels also gave INNOBRAND high visibility, resulting in very positive feedback measured in terms of number of attendants and applications, media coverage, and sponsorship support.


1) To explore the possibility of organizing this project on an annual basis Invitation of Honorary Awardees 2) To explore the possibility of offering certificates to seminar participants to encourage lifelong learning and continuous education in the field of branding and corporate identity

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