International Kids Exchange Summit Program : Green Tour to Zhaoqing


Ming Chuen Lai

Local organization

JCI Victoria

National organization

Hong Kong


Ming Chuen Lai


January 21, 2013


Victoria Junior Chamber, JCIHK, Organizing Committee, Co-organizer, Sponsors, Supporting Organizations, Secondary school students

People impacted



1. Providing a chance to meet people from different circles, ranging from distinguished person, overseas students and local residents to broaden the horizon and establish friendship with each other; 2. Visiting the Zhaoqing environmental sites to advocate the idea of continuing environmental development for a better living environment in the future; 3. Providing an opportunity for outstanding youths to learn about the current socio-economical, technological and cultural development of China.


In order to broaden the horizons and establish bonding of youths of Hong Kong, China and other part of Asia, in a collaboration, Victoria Junior Chamber; Zhaoqing-Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association; Green Sense; Zhaoqing Youth Federation are presenting a youth exchange tour, Asian Youth Environmental Envoy Program. Through cultural exchange to advocate the importance of environment protection, Asian Youth Environmental Envoy Program, was held from 14-17 August 2009. Event organizations from Hong Kong, Zhaoqing, Macau and Korea, along with 120 high school participants (age 15-20) were travel to China’s top nature reserve, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province for a 4 nights 3 days study and awareness Greentour.


Consider other long vacation to held the exchange tour, as summer is quite hot and harsh to the participants.

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