TOYP Academy


Pelin Narcin Kadilar


May 11, 2011


JCI, JCI Countries who would like to organize TOYP in their country, members, team members,

People impacted



Create an environment for know how transfer for TOYP program headlines -Create a friendly atmosphere for the attendees that help build up cross-chapter network - Share the long term experience and help distribution of positive contribution to the society -Motivate people to encourage their chapters to organize an event that touches the life of outstanding people - Biletaral Sharing of knowledge and experience on project management


JCI Istanbul is the originator of TOYP Academy. With TOYP Academy, JCI Istanbul aims built up an environment for an efficient know-how transfer, and sharing opportunities not only on the administrative structure but also on the vision and enthusiasm of TOYP among the national TOYP directors of all NOMs planning to organize a TOYP at its highest standards. In 2010 and 2011 we have organized TOYP Academy without asking any registration fee to pay. In 2010, TOYP ACADEMY was sponsored by JCI Istanbul and JCI Turkey. In 2011, JCI Istanbul fully funded the organization, by collaborating with small sized ventures. The attendees of the event MUST initially be nominated by their National Presidents to attend the Acedemy. The academy is designed and coached by Dr.Riza Kadilar (ITF 52)who helped to create THE COC Academy. He is also ex Head Trainer of THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY. In 2010 JCI Lebanon, JCI Sweden, JCI Russia, JCI Latvia, JCI Ukraine, JCI Poland, JCI UK , JCI Portugal and JCI Turkey has attented the TOYP ACADEMY. In 2011 we have redone the project for the second time. This year participants were from 9 countries, JCI Sweden, JCI Poland, JCI Denmark, JCI Netherlands, JCI Germany, JCI Lebanon, JCI Syria, JCI Norway, JCI Belgium.


How to organize TOYP is known by many countries now. Hopefully every JCI Country will organize it in the future.

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