GBO Lebanon 2011


Olga Safa Majzoub

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JCI Beirut

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Olga Safa Majzoub


June 7, 2011


JCI Lebanon, JCI Lebanon members, the Community

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The objective of the program is to train 28 participants aged between 20 -28 from UAE, Colombia and Lebanon and build their business planning skills to develop their own projects. It is designed to empower those participants and boost their entrepreneurial skills.


Global Business Opportunities is an unprecedented educational and cultural project aiming to create a working group among youth from two (or more) distant and different cultures, to identify business opportunities and develop their entrepreneurship skills and ability to own a global business. GBO  was designed by Al- Ahli Holding Group CSR  division ( and successfully implemented in Argentina in 2008, Jordan in 2009 and Brazil in 2010 with participants from the 5 countries (UAE , Jordan , Argentina , Brazil , South Africa ). Over the 17 days the participants attended trainings in 14 different business topics designed to help the participants jump start their own businesses, as well as 6 interpersonal skills trainings. In addition, 2 field visits were organized to successful Lebanese entrepreneurial businesses, namely Indevco and Tony's Food. The event was covered by the media: OTV, FTV and Business Enterprise for Media and Publishing s.a.l.


1- Great exposure for JCI Lebanon and great awareness created about JCI in the Lebanese community. 2-Great partnership created between JCI Lebanon, ESA and Al Ahly Group CSR Division. 3- The lives of the 28 participants were positively impacted. 4- Recruitment of 6 new members.

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