All-ukrainian youth forum "ILead"


Sergii Molchanov

Local organization

JCI Youth

National organization



Sergii Molchanov


June 20, 2011


local comunity: youth (participants), organizers (experience), local chamber JCI Youth (development and new members)

People impacted



The Forum's goal: to provide the participants of the forum " ILead " with practical knowledge and leadership skills, which they can use in their lifes to achieve their goals. The topics of forum "ILead": - What is leadership? Who is a leader? - Branding personality and leader's mission. - Teambuilding. - Project-management. - Goals-determine and positive thinking. - Orathory. - Communication and networking. - Time-menegement. Also we had two contests: Contests of speakers and Contests of projects. Participants prepared due to team-working, disscusions their proposal and ideas of projects, which can solve local communities issues.


Target audience: active young people aged 18 to 28 years, striving to be leaders in their society. These young people initiate and / or participate in the organization of projects aimed at community development of positive social changes. Number of participants: 95. The format of the Forum: workshops, training sessions, 90 minutes lectures on topics of leadership, which were being on May 21-22 2011, with maximum emphasis on practical consolidation and effective use in life.

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