JCI St.Vincent Health Fair 2011


Keymesha Williams

Local organization

JCI St. Vincent

National organization

West Indies


Keymesha Williams


July 2, 2011


The residents of Sandy Bay, Barrouallie and Kingstown (all the surrounding areas also)

People impacted



To create awareness of JCI St. Vincent within the various communities and to provide health care and medical consultation to persons in those areas.


This project was first implemented in 2010 and was then made an annual event, due to the overwhelming response from the community. JCI Health Fair 2011 was conducted in three different communities (Sandy Bay) on the windward side, (Barrouallie) on the leeward side and Kingstown (capital- Central), on the 14th, 21st and 28th May, 2011. The health fair theme was: "A Ray of Hope for a Healthy Life". Each health fair commenced at 10:00 am and lasted 2:00 pm. The services provided at these health fairs were: Hypertension and Blood sugar testing, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Sexually transmitted disease (symptoms, causes, possible cures and preventions) Condom usages and demonstration Family planning education Free medical consultation Education the environment from the Vector control unit - (Pest control and disease prevention). The blood pressure and sugar testing was conducted by Health Care Personnel and members of the organisation. Also a medical doctor present who offered free medical consultation. All participants were given a cancer awareness glow pins and a 10% discount coupon to be used at the pharmacy. Female participants were given planned parenthood cards to have a free papsmears done.


We wish to recommend that other medium of communications be examined to get the word out on the Health Fair. The villages selected for future Health Fair be more rural areas where the services offered are not readily available. I would also like to recommend that the services offered should also include alternative medicine/herbalist.


We were able to provide free health care to the various communities where the event was conducted. We have also established a relationship with the sponsors. The organisation was also given the well needed visibility.

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