Training Session - Financial Planning 101


Keymesha Williams

Local organization

JCI St. Vincent

National organization

West Indies


Keymesha Williams


July 2, 2011


JCI General Membership and Non-JCI Members

People impacted



Financial Literacy Awareness: - How to create a budget - How to plan for retirement - How to recognise/assess your financial status - How to effectively save - How to maximise on investments


This training seminar was conducted on the 23rd May, 2011 at the St. Vincent Fisheries Conference Room, commencing at 5:30 pm. The facilitator was Ms. Norlann Gabriel, the Branch Manager of First Citizens Bank. It was attended by over twenty (20) JCI members and four (4) observers. The seminar was very timely and effective as we continue to face the financial recession.


We recommended: - that further training be conducted on the topic: Investment - that the training be done in selective communities, to avail the residents the opportunity to capitalise on how to plan financially for their future.


This session was deemed a success as all participants expressed that they have gained a better knowledge of how to create their personal budget and the importance of financial planning.

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