Love Yourself Calendar


Zyee Dullie


February 15, 2012



People impacted



1. To portray a sense of confidence among women to love themselves, no matter what their physical appearance, background etc is. 2. To provide a series of events which can help inculcate a sense of positiveness within the participants of the events and contribute to better self-esteem, example of event- organising Zumba exercising activities and various workshops which enhance their personal skills


12 different images will be portrayed for each month of the year, in a 2012 calendar which will be produced at the end of the project. Each image will reflect the different ways of how women can love themselves. It is hoped that with the many exciting series of activities and programmes held in the process of producing this calendar, will make the woman feel proud of herself and she will have a good, positive self-esteem. This is important for each woman to remind herself of, so they do not bow down to peer pressure of social surrounding and norm which depicts and expects a woman to be slim thin and having a flawless skin texture; which if they succumbed to it will lead to depression and suicide.

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