Shake The World MDG Bracelet Campaign


Lawrence Shivo


September 30, 2011


Rural Crafters in Kwazulu Natal

People impacted



To actually Shake the world,JCI Joburg has signed a memorundum of understanding with BEHOLD International ( to work together with trade fair producers & NGO Africa Ignite ( to raise awareness on the Millenium Development Goals,but also actively & directly contribute to three specific MDG's: a) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunder b) Promote gender equlity and empower women c) A global partnership for development The Millenium Bracelets are handmade by female crafters of fair trade producer AfricaIgnite,located in Durban,South Africa The Zulu women have been working with beads for generations.To them,the beads are a means to pass on stories,rites and myths of their ancestors from one generation to another.


Last year,the Rainbow Collection ( initiative was launched in the Netherlands with one single goal: to introduce the fair trade as an alternative to regular World Cup merchanidising (which was being held in South Africa).


Shake The World campaign was linked to the awareness creation around the MDG Goals.And this is where JCI Joburg saw a perfect fit in working together to raise awareness for the MDG Goals locally,regionally and globally.


JCI Joburg has signed a memorandum of understanding which provides oppotunities to develop our members through volunteerism,program ambassadors and active resellers and promoters of the fair trade merchandise. JCI realises that Shake the World is a positive & Personal wareness-raising campaign on the Millenium Development Goals-the goals set by the United Nations in September 2000 to reduce poverty by halve by the year 2015 (for more information on he goals,have a look at We therefore are active supporting the Shake the World Campaign in two main ways Firstly,Awareness: We a raising awareness on the MDGs on positive and personal way amongst a boad audience especially within JCI in addition to involving those who-in their daily lives-are not often cnfronted with Millenium Goals but whose support & awareness could make a large difference in reaching the goals. Secondly,Call for action: We show people how they can contribute in achieving the MDGs with concrete actions that have an impact both personally and to the community

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