Movie watching together "RUMAH TANPA JENDALA"


Mochammad Rifani Sahrudsyah

Local organization

JCI Kaltim

National organization



Mochammad Rifani Sahrudsyah


August 9, 2011


Student Community, JCI Kaltim, and charities

People impacted



Besides aiming to find funding for JCI KAltim organization, also to help provide a good spectacle for children in East Kalimantan in the midst of the spectacle that was the theme of horror and less educated. Getting funds for Nothing But Nets As a media campaign to promote the existence of JCI Kaltim Provide hands-on JCI Kaltim members to think and act as an entrepreneur.


Implementation of movie watching with "RUMAH TANPA JENDELA" was held to coincide with the commemoration of National Education of Indonesia on May 2, 2011 The event was held in two major cities east Kalimantan province, the city of Samarinda and Balikpapan and impelmented in the cinema 21.


JCI Kaltim hope this movie can be watched around the world, because it is loaded with the value of kindness, and sense of caring for others. With the implementation of these activities, in addition to JCI could be giving something of value to society, also to get funds for the organization.


Implementation of this activity a success

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