Corporate Visit to TOYM & CYEA Winner Dato' Calvin (MK Curtain)


Joyien Chiew


May 7, 2017


JCI Members from JCI Batu Pahat Entrepreneur, JCI Mines, JCI Seremban, Young Entrepreneurs, Public Participants, MK Curtain's staff

People impacted



To empower young active citizen to become entrepreneurs through the learning from the successful and experience entrepreneur.


The young entrepreneur nowadays is hard to success because of giving up whenever they faced a problem. Hence, we wish to learn from experience entrepreneur Dato’ Calvin Khiu who is the JCIM Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards Winner and at the same time he is also the winner of JCIM Ten of Outstanding Malaysian.


As a review, most of the participants were inspired through this event which some of them found a new way to organise their business and some of them found the new choice in their life. Almost all of the participants feedback positively and change positively after the event. Hence, it is recommended to organise more corporate visit that involve CEO sharing and CEO forum that allowed more young people to have positive change and create impact in future.


Here to compliment the COC team that lead by New Member Tay Wee Yang, a team that new in JCI yet having the passion to serve especially to create the platform for young people to create positive change. More than that, they also tried to find collaboration between MK Curtain, JCI Seremban and JCI Mines in order to organise this event.

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