JCI Riam 2017 Blood Donation Drive (7868)


Petrus Gerard Young


May 7, 2017


General hospital, patients and blood donors

People impacted



To raise blood reservations for Blood bank Miri. To increase social welfare via charity works. Blood type O and A has constantly been in the shortage list.


Blood donations benefits in 2 ways - patients who needed blood transfusion as well as blood donors themselves. Malaysians who donate twice in a period of 12 months are entitled to a free Hepatitis B vaccine shot.Those who donate more than 50 times (whole blood) and 150 times (apheresis) are entitled to free outpatient treatment at any government hospital.Should they be warded, they will be entitled to a free first-class ward for the first 10 years, and second-class ward after.Regular blood donors also enjoy free health screenings every six months.


Create more public awareness, educate members of the public of the benefits of becoming a blood donors. Blood donation drive need to be done in different location to ease the transportation hassles for interested blood donors.


73 Registered blood donors with 51 successful donors. Receive reporters attention from 7 news paper media to help publish the event - before and after.

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