Go Green (7885)


Mehedi Hossain


June 3, 2017


10,000 People (Includes 2000 Children)

People impacted



-Create awareness about the importance of tree plantation -Providing additional climate change and local environmental benefits in the longer term -To aware people about global climate change -To reduce pollution -Energy Consumption -Regulating Water Supply -Minimizing water shortages in times of drought and damaging floods in heavy rains


-1.5 acres of forest is cut down every second -By the year 2030, we will have 10% of Rain-forests and it can all disappear in a hundred years -Deforestation contributes up to 17% of annual global greenhouse effect -Bangladesh has only 10.98% forests of total land whereas in ideal case every country should have at least 25% -Bangladesh has per capita forest area of 0.016 hector whereas world average is 0.064 hector We will make the people aware of the existing problems through planting trees and an initiative we came up with known as ‘Green Dialogue’. Green Dialogue will address the problems and how to reduce them.


•Community Increase •Direct Employment •Infrastructure Development •The wood from the trees may be used as a source of energy


•Green Bangladesh (5000 Tress Planted) •10000 Green People (Aware about the environment issues)

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