JCI Muar Family Campaign 2.0 Muar GO


Viviane Tong


May 28, 2017


Parents & Children (6-12 Years old), Members, Residents of Muar

People impacted



With the UNSDG Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being - The theme of this project is 319 Family Campaign 2.0 . The main objectives are to raise the awareness of importance of family harmony as well as strengthening the family connection between parents and children. All the supporting organizers and sponsors achieve brand building, encouraging cultivation of society responsibility, and optimizing their social exposure.


Muar is a town and the capital of Muar District, Johor, Malaysia. Main industries include furniture and nursery, of which provide most of the working opportunities to the population. However, Muar town is rather emerging from small town where most of the population is under-educated in term of family harmony. Parents are rather busy to work and leave their children to childcare center. Both the factor under-education and busy working has caused very limited time for parents to understand and take good care of their children. Over the time, we can see the Y generation is rather lack of sense of family and being less responsible compare to the 80s’. Besides, technology products have been the trend for parents and children instead of carrying out child-communication and education activities. The lack of communication and proper children education has caused stiff relationship between parents and children. Children tends to remain silent during young age and evolve to extraordinary rebellious during teenager time. Subsequently, this will create society problem as well as the teenager straying into wrong path. Besides, children is rather addicted to technology products than getting involves in community activities and enjoy the well-being of our natural environment. Muar town is now being promoted for Muar Tourism extensively. However, most of the Muarian and residents remain unknown to Muar History. This project aims to reconnect parents and children deeply since they are young. In order to strengthen and forming this connection among parents and children, all the activities including dancing, games, seminar, sharing as well as lunch were designed to be completed by both parents and children together. The games were also added the elements of Muar history in an interesting way to assist parents and children of understanding Muar history and its development. We aim to jointly achieve below goals: 1) Parents regaining their confidence in communicating and connecting with their children effectively; 2) Children feel and understand their parents’ efforts and love and be dare to express their thoughts; 3) Children learn to engage with community and communicate with people other than parents; 4) Make a positive change to the family harmony and hence society; 5) Increase the awareness of importance of children-relationship among parents; 6) Increase knowledge and awareness towards Muar history and its development; 7) Ensure all participants, supporting organizers enjoy and understand the meaning of the event


1) This event was held annually and serve as JCI Malaysia - JCI Muar flagship project. 2) Invite more parties and set the family activities differently every year. 3) The most efficient channel to promote is through promoting in schools directly with the children during their weekly gathering as well as sharing at parents-gathering.


1) We provided participants (parents & children) parentship-skills and education, environmental awareness, proper communication; 2) We educated participants to engage with community and understand their living town better and the importance efforts from each to contribute a better & harmony town.

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