Peace in Miri


Leslie Ik Chie Lau


May 28, 2017


children and parents of Miri community

People impacted



1. To educate peace to the children as they are the future generation that will uphold the country. 2. To promote peace to the parents and community as the world peace has been disturbed by the wars around South east Asia and Middle East. 3. To educate the children of the important of currency value and recycle. 4. To encourage the community to trade or exchange unwanted stuffs with something that they need.


The overall event was quite successful and the only regret is that we can actually do more to the car boots barter trade. The concept or understanding of "Peace" is shown by the children as they drawn the symbol of Peace which show their understanding toward it and the theme of our event. Parents visited our booths when their children doing the colouring. Managed to explain the word "Peace" and our event to the parents and community. They do agreed with us that Peace is value that shortage at the current time and we need to act fast to educate the children about Peace so that they will preserve the value and able to demonstrate it in the future. The car boots barter trade impact was not as good as expected mainly due to the location.


1. Organize the event on Sunday morning because most of the people are free during that time. 2. Do more marketing on the internet and newspaper. Make sure every committee share it with their friends. 3. Try to avoid venue such as shopping mall car parks as it does not attract people to shop there. 4. Do it at public venue such as the Miri public library or park. 5. Attract more children with activities such as small size theme park that will only accept unwanted stuff to play the game.


1. We achieved "Quality Education" as we are educating the children about Peace by indirectly requested them to colour the Peace related colouring material and they excel their imagination by adding Peace related drawing. Some children might not know about Peace at the time of colouring but eventually after the colouring contest, they will ask their parents or do some research about it. Younger children are given Recycle theme colouring material which we aim to educate them about Recycle. It is very surprisingly that quite a lot of numbers of children actually know about Recycle and what is the action and also the recycle bins. 2. We achieved "Gender Quality" as we do not separate them based on their gender. This allowed all the children to mix around and be friend, sharing their own colouring tools and explaining to each other about their drawings after the contest. There should not have any gender bias in sharing knowledge. 3. We achieved "Sustainable cities and communities" where promoting and educate the Miri community on the Recycle will provide a sustainable solution to keep the city clean and reduce waste. 4. We achieved "Climate Action" goal as we promoting and educating Recycle to the Miri community. All the unwanted material will eventually be burned down at the dumpsite and this will release a lot of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses that will lead to destroying the climate. By promoting and educating Recycle to the Miri community, we can reduce the wastage and eventually reduce the gasses and protect the climate. 5. We achieved "Peace, Justice, and strong Institutions" goal by promoting and educating the children about Peace. We think that even though a lot of children showing that they knew about the concept "Peace", but education about Peace should be continuous and shall never stop as they might one day forget about it if we did not keep remind them about it.

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