JCI City Plus - Active Citizens Forum with Mafubo Mauritius


Tasweena Girdhari


May 21, 2017


Mafubo Mauritius, Members of JCI City Plus

People impacted



•To take responsibility for our communities to create solutions to the problems we see around us •To introduce to the audience a concrete method of developing, executing and tracking our initiatives to ensure they produce successful projects and sustainable solutions to the issues they are tackling •To create a long-lasting positive change and measure our impact


The Active Citizens Framework Forum took place on Wednesday, 23 March 2017 at the Lambic Conference Room, Port-Louis. Around 10 members of Mafubo Mauritius were present for this Forum. The Project Director Vijayen Govinden organized this Forum and the trainer was the 2016 Local President of JCI City Plus, Chimene Dacruz-Valery. Team members as well as the Local Board members were present to give support to this Forum.


This forum was a platform to share our methodology. Mafubo Mauritius is one of our promising collaborators and we share the same values when it comes to the project Aret Violence. This type of collaboration does not stop here. Being involved in women empowerment, JCI City Plus can collaborate with Mafubo Mauritius on more projects. As the quote says; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


There was overall approximately 20 people who attended the ACF Forum. Mafubo Mauritius is a newly established NGO and while trying to execute projects, they faced difficulties and somehow did not achieve the desired results. Following our Forum, they got a better picture on how to plan and organize a project and the Mafubo Mauritius team went on invigorated and ready to tackle the issues faced by women in Mauritius.

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