Community Assistance Program (CAP)


Abraham Nana Kow Acquaye

Local organization

JCI Dansoman

National organization



Abraham Nana Kow Acquaye


July 13, 2011


JCI Dansoman, Gbegbeese Community in Dansoman,Accra- Ghana

People impacted



JCI Dansoman Community Assistance Program (CAP)is Developed in cognizance with the JCI Active Citizens Framework for the following objectives; 1. Provide social support services to the people in the community in areas of education, health, sanitation and environment; and economic livelihood 2. Give opportunity to JCI members in the Dansoman local organization to provide community service, fulfill their impact obligations and be directly engaged with the community over a long period of time 3. Creating a forum that will foster community interaction & promote good neighborly relations between smaller communities within the Dansoman Community


JCI Dansoman Community Assistance Program (CAP) is the first initiative of this kind that has adopted a deprived and needy suburb in the Dansoman community, to offer assistance for accelerated development through self initiated projects. Gbegese is a fishing settlement by the sea where most residents are illiterates, live in poverty, and unhygienic conditions. An initial assessment and need analysis was conducted to guide the concept of the program. The program seeks to; 1. Provide infrastructural development (Public Toilet, Library, ICT Centre etc) 2. Engage in community sensitization and promotion of the UN MDGs and the JCI Omoiyari 3. Develop the capacity of the Youth in the community to take responsibility and lead development in their community 4. Support the economic livelihood of deprived families particularly teenage parents and older women 5. Promote biodiversity conservation and Protect the Gbege river which is at the brink of completely drying up due to the effects of climate change and human activities within the community


JCI Dansoman to partner with some United Nations agencies such as UN-Habitat and UNICEF to implement the project. The JCI Dansoman Community Assistance Program (CAP)is a strategy of owning a community, creating a bonds between the local organization and the community because of the constant interaction opportunities on various projects the program. Also if JCI and other NOMs commit themselves to projects of such nature.


Through the JCI Dansoman community assistance program, young people are bringing accelerated development into the Gbebese community and bridging the gap between the poor and the rich in the Dansoman community. This has attracted young men and woman in the community to join JCI Dansoman.

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