Budapest-Bamako The largest charity run on Earth (1561)


Tibor Benke


July 15, 2011


LOMs/NOMs around Europe and Africa

People impacted



To provide excellent society, individual, international and business development opportunity for all members around Europe. The 8 participating JCI cars (taking part of the Budapest Bamako Rally touring category) represented not only their own LOM/NOM but the entire JCI European community, as a primary NGO in Europe, which not only talk but taking action towards the goals that has been decided. The purpose of the project for which financial assistance is requested was by bringing media coverage creating fundraising and membership recruiting and bringing fame to the JCI.


The most important benefit of the project is to showcase JCI (and its local / national organizations alongside the road) as a primary NGO in Europe. It is critical that all LOMs/NOMs around Europe and Africa will use this excellent opportunity to market their organizations, as a perfect example of combined active citizen activities: contribute to the advancement of societies in Africa, showcase our organization and helping by organizing a business mission between Europe and Africa. Helping Africa in the spirit of the UN MDGs Nothing But Nets campaign in partnership with the UN Foundation to provide JCI Members the opportunity to take action against malaria. Providing members the feeling of giving from first hand, make exact and measureable worldwide action. Due to the media coverage this charity event will bring never ever seen visibility to JCI mostly in Europe (Travel Channel, National Geografic Channel, etc.)

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