ALO- Spreading Light


AbuTaleb Siddique


June 5, 2017


Our target, to give the opportunity to the group 10 to 15 years. Those can understand the education, advance Extra curriculum Activities and also take the opportunity by contributing their concentration, interest, effort and Creativity

People impacted



Objective is to give the equal opportunity to the underprivileged children to develop their skills (both academic and extra curricular), so they can have an equal platform in the society and make positive and constructive contribution to the society.


Ovizatrik foundation is built from the initiative of youth contribution to the society Here they tried to manage sponsorship to manage and arrange the maximum benefits for the children. JCI Dhaka central is trying to give the most support to support these underprivileged children with the maximum opportunity – technology, creativity, social standard, English communication and adolescence knowledge in relation to child rights .


**Some limitations identified from the target group which is also our focus to mitigate if we can find out the sponsorship these are as follows – 1. They don’t have enough educational resource and materials. 2. They cannot afford the cost properly. 3. Accommodation and seating capacity crisis. 4. Need a Library to enhance their knowledge a 5. Classroom decoration ** Another recommendation is that, this is a long term project for quality education but it’s not an event or short term plan. The final impact or result can be seen after a relative long term interventions.


After the project we aim to achieve the following goals • The top creative children will get an opportunity to work with a renowned Bangladeshi painter. • Their technical skills, particularly computer knowledge will be improved along with their English skills. • They will be better citizens, with detailed knowledge about their rights and will develop strong ethics. • We will find leaders within the school, who will assist and help other students to excel.

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