Banglar Joy


AbuTaleb Siddique


July 3, 2017


At least 500000 community people, drivers, pedestrians, street children who are using the roads of Mirpur, Shyamoli, Asadgate, Manik Mia Avenue, Dhanmondi, New Market, Kaoran Bazar, Bijoy Shoroni will be benefitted through this project

People impacted



1. Inspiring communities to take actions on road safety and promote life-saving messages. 2. Educating Drivers, Pedestrians to learn traffic rules, law to help the Dhaka roads to turn into accidents free roads. Awareness and promotion on Road Safety will involve different groups like nurseries, schools, youth clubs, army bases, community campaigners, employers, sports clubs, fire officers, local authorities, paramedics, driving instructors to make movement on Safer Road at Dhaka 3. Supporting Dhaka City Corporation to ensure the proper cautions are installed in the roads and these are well maintained and managed by concerned authorities in terms of traffic and road safety related signals for the drivers, pedestrians and community people


More than 1.2 million people are killed in Road Accidents, worldwide, every year. 3 to 4 % of Gross National Product Is lost in Road Accidents. One child is killed in Road Accidents, every three minutes in the World. Total worldwide death toll of Tsunami in 2004 was about 230,000. But the annual worldwide death toll of road accidents is 1,200,000!!! i.e. five Tsunamis are wiping out lives from the world every year in the form of Road Accidents. Total number of annual road accidents deaths is more than the total population of Mauritius. Considering the frequently faced road accidents the project was carried in collaboration with a nongovernmental organization Abhijatrik. JCI Dhaka Central sponsored the night long repainting of Zebra crossings and Speed breakers around Dhaka city. The purpose was to aware the local community about the use of Zebra crossing. Moreover the vehicle drivers were the concentration group as to highlight the matter to maintain speed while driving on the busy city roads. This was aimed towards helping the government in getting out a positive impact on the community by repainting of the zebra crossings and speed breakers. This was an initial intervention of the projects. Apart from that, awareness campaign on road safety including all the groups of community people, drivers, pedestrians around Dhaka City will be done at regular intervals. The follow up on the painting at different zebra crossing and speed breakers, addressing the uncovered manholes and installing solutions partnering with local government , installing traffic signals in different case and promoting the guidelines to all community people in under the project.


Follow up of the project is needed. The area of concentration can be made wider. The other JCI groups can follow and observe the program by spreading it countrywide. Meeting can be held with local government authorities; police, politicians to aware the local community for making it more effective.


So far 25 Zebra crossings and 28 Speed breakers were repainted. At least 500,000 community people, drivers, pedestrians, street children who are using the roads of Mirpur, Shyamoli, Asadgate, Manik Mia Avenue, Dhanmondi, New Market, Kaoran Bazar, Bijoy Shoroni are benefitted through this project . Local news paper reporting enhanced JCI central public image and gave a positive impact for the community.

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