Hanover Health Fair


Sophia Harris

Local organization

JCI Kingston

National organization



Sophia Harris


August 8, 2011


1200 Residents in and around Hanover

People impacted



To provide the residents of Hanover and environs with the following free Health Care: General checkups Diabetic and blood pressure screening Education on Family Planning and Safe sex Practices Dental Services and Eye Exams Medical Exams Pap smear test and prostate health Pharmaceutical as prescribed


The ninth (9th) staging of the Hanover Health Fair was held om May 30-June 3, 2011 and was implemented at four (4) different health Centres across the Parish. Approximately 1200 residents benefited from the free health care provided. The project was launched on May 30, 2011 May 31 - Askenish Health Centre June 1 - Copse Health Centre June 2 - Dias Health Centre June 3 - Maryland Health Centre All of the free services that were advertised were offered to residents who would not necessarily be able to afford these costly check-ups The days activities started at 6a.m. with registration and ended at 4p.m.


This project should be replicated on a larger scale right across Island and even around the World. Best practices be shared amongst other JCI members


Five (5) day health fair Approximately 1200 residents benefited from free health fair 9th execution of this annual health fair and each year it gets bigger

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