June 13, 2017


240 primary school children

People impacted



To make sure that all less privileged children can afford at least a bag to put his books and the basic writing materials. To make sure less privilege children has the opportunity of a tidy environment devoid of scattered books. To allow these children have a sense of belonging amongst their peers. Opportunity to talk to the young students the benefits and essence of education.


The back to school initiave is one of the new project in Lagos Metropolitan aimed at celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Chapter. The project is aimed at impacting our community positively and putting a smile on a child’s face. Earlier in the year, Bariga community was chosen by Lagos Metropolitan through our needs analysis as our catchment area for 2017 community projects. The committee headed by the Vice President in-charge also went further to conduct another analysis on schools and after much ado, we chose Gbagada East Primary School for the project. A brief history of Gbagada East primary School: it was founded on the 26th of September, 1980 and it was first called National Primary School lll. On the 3rd of March, 1987 the school name was changed to Gbagada East Primary School. It comprises of seventeen (17) classrooms with all the arms of the primary sector and with over 200 pupils. The program which was supposed to start at exactly 12noon could not due to the heavy downpour of rain on that day. It was a 1hr event, we were behind schedule because of the heavy downpour of rain. Two of our own Siji Oyebolu and Adeyanju Adeonipekun were also at the traffic fm earlier between the hrs of 9am-10am on that same day to talk about Lagos Metropolitan Junior Chamber at 60, challenges faced in time past and future improvement of the chapter and also announce the projects for the year especially the back to school initiative which was to hold on that day at 11am. OUR MISSION STATEMENT Buy a mug send a child to school. WHAT BROUGHT ABOUT THE EVENT? After our needs analysis, we found out that, some children lack the basic educational materials to bring to school while some even come with their writing materials in their hands…what happens when it rains? So the committee decided on the statement “buy a mug send a child to school”. We bought mugs, inscribed with our logo and sold to friends and everyone for a sum and also seek sponsorship from friends, corporate bodies and individuals. With the proceeds, we intend to give each child: a bag, Lagos Metropolitan inscribed exercise books, pencils, rulers, erasers and writing materials. Our plan is to distribute Two Hundred and Forty bags – 240 (inclusive of the other materials) to go round all the pupils of the adopted school. DISTRIBUTION We distributed 60 bags, Lagos Metropolitan inscribed exercise books, pencils, rulers, erasers and writing materials on that day to celebrate the 60th Anniversary while the rest 180 will be distributed in 3 batches of 60 each.


• Sponsorship should be sought early enough for the success of each projects. • Members should come out of their comfort zone and make themselves available whether they are committee members or not. • Projects like these should be taken in all seriousness because in doing it we are putting smiles on the face of one family and a child that can better the nation.


The Community were able to know more about JCI as an NGO and the need to be members. Touching the lives of some families that find it difficult to buy the basic needs for students especially in Government schools.

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