Kg Tudan Water Supply Community Project


Jack Vun Zac Lee


June 27, 2017


Kg Tudan villagers

People impacted



To construct a new and enhanced water supply system at Kg. Tudan which is currently enduring water shortage crisis.


Kg Tudan is a small village located in the interior hill of Kota Belud where more than half of its population live below poverty line. Prior to the notorious 2015 earthquake, the village’s water supply was sourced from its only water catchment. The catchment was damaged during the earthquake and for the past 2 years, the villagers have been left without a steady water supply. The present water tanks used by the villagers to store water are also suffering from leakage and are in need to be repaired.


JCI Tanjung Aru shall continue to participate in similar nature community projects to solve water crisis currently faced by multiple area within the remote area in Sabah.


Villagers of Kg. Tudan finally able to enjoy clean and sustainable water supply at no long term cost.

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