JCI City Plus - Netoye Nou Paradis Campaign


Tasweena Girdhari


June 29, 2017


Members, Local Community

People impacted



The project “Netoye Nou Paradis” meaning “Clean Up our Paradise” is first and foremost linked to the preservation and embelishment of the environment, which forms part of the new Sustainable Development Goals. In line with the national “Clean Up Mauritius” campaign, this JCI City Plus projects’ main objective is to collect litter in areas which are useful to the well-being of the local community. The main areas which are being targeted are those linked to leisure and sports (playgrounds etc…) and nature (rivers and beaches).


The “Netoye Nou Paradis” project will consists of several clean up campaigns, which will be held all over the island of Mauritius. Each clean up campaigns would be held with collaboration from local communities to create awareness and ensure sustainability of the project. The clean up campaigns would also be advertised in the media to create awareness.


Several learning points were noted during the organisation of the first clean up session. The more the merrier. More efforts to attract more volunteers as more hands means more litter collected. Transportation of garbage collected to dumping ground should be pre-arranged. More efforts to involve a larger group of the local community in the clean up session

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