Grace Lee Pei Lin


July 4, 2017


JCI Damai Members, Non-Members & Friends

People impacted



This was the first year JCI Damai organized a snorkeling event. The objective of snorkeling was to provide an opportunity for our JCI Damai members to relax. Since the modern work schedule is so demanding, snorkeling provides a mental and physical escape from the daily grind. JCI Damai aims to get its’ members to relax whenever possible. Satang Island is a beautiful snorkelling destination. It consists of two beautiful Islands Pulau Satang Besar and Pulau Satang Kecil located in the South China Sea. The islands surround pristine waters and are a turtle sanctuary. We spent our Sunday snorkeling and swimming around this beautiful island, just taking in the beautiful marine life. This activity also minimizes our carbon footprint because we enjoy the environment without polluting. Since JCI Damai is based in Kuching, Sarawak, Satang Island can be one of the local attractions for tourists. JCI Damai’s snorkeling activity was a great way to raise awareness on the beautiful landscape Sarawak has to offer. Furthermore, this activity aligns with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals No: 14, Life Below Water. The agenda raises the importance for every person and organization to prevent environmental calamities and protect the glorious beauty of all created nature. Not only was this an activity for JCI Damai members, it was also open to the public. Many non members and friends came together in solidarity for the JCI Mission to empower young people to create positive change. The cooperation and engagement in this snorkeling was a beautiful sight to behold. JCI Damai hopes that this activity will encourage the public to get involved in our beloved organization.


We live in a society that demands so much from us in our work life. To escape from the grind, we spent the first Sunday after Ramadan as an opportunity to get everyone together snorkeling. We were delighted that this event drew 30 peoples together; 12 JCI Damai members, 14 non-members and 4 instructors. Everyone who participated was so impressed with the snorkeling and diving activity they requested to participate in it again in the future. One member even created a video and uploaded it to You tube http://youtu.be/eUCCamNcuio to capture the memories.


To explore a different island farther away from Kuching in and to involve more members next time.


“To provide opportunity that empowers young people to create positive change”. Members of JCI Damai managed to create a positive impact to non-members and friends. Even though we were all tired it was a day well spent with friends and family. Our actions reflected the UNSDG Goals of NO 14: Life below water which stressed the importance of protecting nature. This event brought in 3 new members to JCI Damai.

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