Building Bridges - Locally


Sophia Harris


August 8, 2011


JCI Members, Kiwanis Club, Waterford Police Youth Club, members if the Public

People impacted



To have high-profile visits throughout the year. To re-establish links with the Chamber of Commerce To build relationships with other clubs such as Kiwanis Club. To enhance the JCI profile in Jamaica To have at least three (3) courtesy calls throughout the year


This ongoing project has increased JCI Jamaica's and JCI's visibility and profile in the public domain. It has increased our chances of sponsorship for major projects. JCI Jamaica has seen an increase in our membership and interest in the Organization. There is earning potential for members and the Organization based on discussions being persued before the actual signing of the MOUs scheduled for September 2011. The Chamber of Commerce has always been a close entity with JCI and we are happy to re-establish such link via this project. MOUS to be signed with Organizations such as Ministry of Youth, UNESCO and National Parents Teachers Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ)


Sharing of best practices with other JCI Members Sharing of project ideas Signing of MOUs to secure or cement ties


1.Three (3) courtesy calls were made on; (a) Mrs Pamela Bridgewater - US Ambassador to Jamaica - to discuss our HIV/AIDS project and possibility of funding and partnership. (b) Courtesy Call on Mayor of Montego Bay (c) Courtesy Call on Custos of Montego Bay 2. State President Sophia Harris was invited to be guest speaker at the following; (a) Kiwanis Club of Spanish Town Meeting (b) Re-launch of the Waterford Police Youth Club 3. Several high-profile guests were invited to our General Assembly Meetings including Government Senator Warren Newby - Ministry of Youth 4. Our public image has improved significantly and can be measured by the increase in requests for trainings outside of the Organization and also the signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) 5. JCI Members were exposed to the high profile individuals and opportunities to increase or sharpen their training skills. Training was also facilitated by some of the special guests at General Assembly Meetings. 6. Publicity in the print media 7. The Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce has taken on as their project the rebuilding of JCI Westmoreland. 8. Increase in membership and interest in the Organization

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