Health Fair 2011


Sophia Harris


August 26, 2011


Community, JCI, JCI Members, Government, Media Houses, Sponsors

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To provide free health care To provide two (2) seminars To provide wholesale family entertainment To expose JCI St. Andrew and JCI as a caring Organization To make JCI St. Andrew and JCI more visible in the community To have free HIV/AIDS testing To garner publicity for the project and JCI


The Junior Chamber International (JCI) St. Andrew saw the successful staging of “Health Fair 2011” for children, adult and senior citizens at the African Martyrs Catholic Church, 10 Miles Bull Bay, St. Andrew on Saturday, March 26, 2011. All the services were primarily offered free of cost to the residents, because many of them are experiencing financial hardship that prevents them from accessing even basic health care services. Also, the Chapter wanted to promote regular medical check-ups. The event saw more than one hundred and sixty (160) citizens from the Windsor Lodge Community in attendance. The day started with the offering of prayer by Father Collins from the aforementioned church. Afterwards members of Junior Chamber International (JCI) St. Andrew were welcomed to the community by the Councillor of the Dallas Division, Mr. Sylvester Brown. At this point, the Masters of Ceremony gave a general introduction of the programme of activities and specially thanked the sponsors, without who the event would not be possible. The residents were then informed about the different services and how to access them. The residents, mostly senior citizens, benefitted mainly from the medical services offered. These services included, though not limited to, Medical Screening, Cholesterol Tests, Blood Pressure Checks, Urinalysis, Weight and Diagnostic examinations. In addition, a unit from the Ministry of Health (MOH) was on location and conducted Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) tests. More than forty five (45) people got tested for HIV/ AIDS. Doctor Velma Nicholson medically examined more than eighty (80) people and the five (5) nurses from the Pentab Community Clinic who were on location attended to about ninety (90) community members. Throughout the day there were several attractions for the children to wholeheartedly enjoy themselves. The children played in the very colourful and attractive ‘Chubby’ bounce-about. The residents were also fed throughout the day. The meals were provided through the generous sponsorship of several considerate individuals and notable companies. The residents benefitted from two (2) major interactive educational sessions. The first presentation was conducted by Mrs. Zoe Wellington, representative from the Kingston Health Department. She presented an interesting session on the topic “Emerging and Contagious Diseases”. Mr. Trevor Myers did the second (2nd) presentation. He focused on the matter “Diseases of the Eye and General Eye Care”. The residents were asked questions and prizes awarded accordingly relative to the two (2) presentations. It was evident that the residents were captivated by the delivery of both presenters. The citizens also benefitted from a brief motivational speech from one of the residents of the community, Mr. Ned. He encouraged the citizens to revive the spirit of volunteerism in the community. He passionately reminded the listeners that each individual has a pivotal role to play regarding the development of the community and by extension our nation. This important gesture was fully endorsed by the members of the St. Andrew’s Chapter. An informative presentation was also done by Mr. Fitzroy Donald, President, Community Development Council (CDC). He highlighted the objectives and the services provided by the CDC. The activities of the day culminated with a talent exhibition dubbed “JCI St. Andrew Rising Star”. Several children and adults displayed their talents. There were singing, dancing, dramatic and hilarious pieces, DJ’ing etc. The talented JCDC former winner, Ms. Noretta Lewis, gave a spirited performance. Her performance included some popular songs. During her performance she invited JCDC 2010 winner, Ms. Annemarie Laing, to join her on stage. The duo gave a rather outstanding and unforgettable performance. Afterwards, Ms. Lewis encouraged the residents to give their lives to the Lord and He (Jesus) will take care of them. She also informed them that the Lord is the best partner one can desire. Judging from the reaction of the crowd, it could be said that the message was well received. The President of the Chapter, Jurvin Burton, then thanked Vice President, International and Community Area, Christopher Scott, and his committee members for overseeing the effective implementation of the project. He also expressed special gratitude to all the individuals and companies that supported the event by way of sponsorship of cash and/ or kind donations. Overall, the day was a total success and the final tenet of our Creed “And that service to humanity is the best work of life” once again proved to be true.


Share best practices on this successful project Extend the services to other communities Make it an annual event


Over 160 persons received free health care Community members were exposed to informative seminars Free publicity received on radio Over 45 more persons are aware of their HIV/AIDS status

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