How To Create An Impactful Social Project?


Joyien Chiew


August 11, 2017


JCI Members, Social Entrepreneurs, Social Contributors

Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To increase the awareness on how to create an impactful project that help to create sustainable solution for the society.


In the observation, most of the social contributors or entrepreneurs even JCI BPE members lack of the experience on creating sustainable solution. With the opportunity, we invited IPP of JCI Lion Rock, Fish Leung for sharing how they created an impact project which won the 2017 JCI ASPAC Best Global Goals Awards.

The participants all feedback that they learned a new ways and purpose on making a project and most important learn from JCI Lion Rock experience on how to use Active Citizen Framework.


Overall, the participants having positive feedback and having more interests on making more sustainable solution for the society. Thanks for IPP Fish Leung on the sharing that empower us to have more confident and to try new ways on making project through apply on JCI Active Citizen Framework.


To organise more similar sharing to engage more ways of possibilities and invite more LOs to join to benefit more JCI members and together create more sustainable solution projects.

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