Anou Kompran Nou Société


Narotum Dass Rohee


From June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018


Curepipe community

Target population


Target avg age


Root cause

Erosion of family values.

Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


To propagate the concept of 'Neighbourhood Watch' in the regions of Curepipe. This project aims to combat drug abuse in the region where the best solution as per our stakeholders will be the presentation of Neighbourhood Watch.


The need was found through an ACF workshop held with NGOs of Curepipe last year at St Joseph on 11thJune 2016. The workshop was in two phases. Firstly, our Past 2014 President Veenandi Luximon-Lallah gave a JCI Impact presentation to apprise the NGOs present of our project management tool namely the Active Citizenship Framework.
Secondly, different groups of 5 were formed with the representatives of the NGOs presented and they were requested to brainstorm and list the main problems in their locality. After a short presentation of the problems, they were challenged to brainstorm further using the ‘Why’question until the effect and root cause of the effect was found.
A post workshop report was made and the recent statistics from Statistic Mauritius about Crime and Justice were analysed. A focus group meeting with the different NGOs was then organised to discuss the field of intervention. After analysis and discussion, it was found that the main factor that affect erosion of family values was drug. The recent Statistics showed that the region of Curepipe is found in the district where most drug cases are reported in the country.
After this discussion, a meeting was held with all stakeholders and a sustainable solution was thought. It was decided to propagate the concept of 'Neigbourhood Watch' which was initiated by the Crime Prevention Unit.
The strategy put forward was to launch the event in the presence of the various religious groups of Curepipe where a powerpoint presentation will be held to describe the project and to provide an overview of drugs.
Then the presentation of the 'Neighbourhood Watch' concept will be done with the board members of the different religious groups of Curepipe and the message shall be propagated by them to their communities.
The concept of the 'Neigbourhood Watch' will then be propagated to different colleges and other education sectors in Curepipe.

Actions Taken

Presentation of Neighbourhood Watch with all the religious board members of different religious organisations.
Presentation of the Neighbourhood Watch concept with the different educational levels of Curepipe that comprise of primary and secondary.
The JCI Active Citizenship framework have have been referred in the project for needs analysis and proposing the sustainable solution.
To decide on the sustainable action that will be used to move forward in the project. The concept decided is the awareness of 'Neigbourhood Watch' concept that have been initiated in Mauritius by the Crime Prevention Unit.
The board members of the different religious groups will propagate the message of Neigbourhood Watch to their members.


The concept is easily understood by the different religious groups and this shall be easy for implementing the concept in their locality. Since we have started working in this project, a decrease in the drug related cases has shown a decrease as mention in the data from the Statistic Mauritius in the regions of Plaine Wilhems; where Curepipe is found.


To involve more stakeholders that operate in the Curepipe region in the project to have a better impact in the society. The project can be implemented to any other region of the country given that the methodology and strategy is well defined. One othe recommendation will be to impact more people that will benefit from the program.

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