26th Hong Kong Silver Tongue Contest


Chun Hei Tse


From January 1 to July 31, 2017


Primary 5 and Primary 6 of Hong Kong study students

Target population


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Organize an all rounded biliterate and trilingual writing and speaking contest through 3 event days. Test primary students’ biliterate and trilingual abilities
on reading, speaking, listening and writing. We aim to achieve the following objective:
1. To promote biliterate and trilingual and reading, speaking, listening and writing abilities for Hong Kong Primary 5 and 6 students as
show Hong Kong is a one of most globalized city in the world.
2. To promote active citizenship through the topic on firsthand experience to know more about the level of aging population in HK.
3. To advocate JCI mission and vision and the idea of active citizen to the public to attain a better understanding and endorsement of JCI values.
4. To express the concerning of student’s mental due the rising rate of suicide among primary students, “Ideal Campus” is concerned with the topic of the quality
of student’s psychology in this year.
of JCI North District through involvement
5. To provide project oriented training opportunities to our JCI members for value adding by themselves to become a certificated “Active citizens” and “future


We enter the 26th year of annual contest of this year where the first contest was held in 1992.
‘Ideal Campus’
Service Target Segments
716,263 students from 1,083 schools all over Hong Kong.
1. Hong Kong Government Education Bureau
2. City University of Hong Kong
1. The official and supporting organization websites
2. Email and phone call
3. Online North Pole Light distributed to 300,000 people
Event days
29 April 2017 Opening ceremony at City University of Hong Kong
25 June 2017 Contest at City University of Hong Kong
9 July 2017 Award ceremony at Ma On Shan Plaza


1. We held a great event which covered primary 5 and 6 students being recognized by government, university and general public.
2. Total 200 participants join the applied and 86 in semi-final
3. Collaboration with many other support organizations which our members has met over 10 organizations this year.
4. Well connection and partnership with City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Government Education Bureau.


1. Introduce the program in China which introduce the program as a golden example to other youth organizations in China (i.e. to reproduce the project in other
region like Zhuhai, Macau, Taipei, etc).
2. Train up young winners, appoint winners of the program as ambassador to promote the interest of mastering English and Chinese languages among children.
3. Collaboration with overseas JC chapters, invite overseas JC chapters to become co-organizers of the program
4. Cross over with other organizations, cooperate with more local organizations to enhance publicity of program in community.
5. More promotion channel, Broaden the promotion channels to increase the publicity of the event, like TV, radios, international press and magazines.

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