Your Smartphone Needs a Rest!


Nancy Yau


From January 1 to August 6, 2017


All citizens who are addicted to smartphones

Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


We are living in the era of gadgets and smartphones; we are connected to our friends and millions of people. Communication has never been so easy.

Technology connects us to the world, but disconnects us from real relations. Smartphone addiction has become a global issue, and the problem is especially serious in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, maintaining its status as 2015, comes in 1st place as the world’s most “connected” population again, according to the 2016 GfK Connected Consumer Index, a ranking of 78 countries and 8 world regions for the use of internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. The average mobile phone user owns 2.3 phones.

Another survey conducted in Hong Kong in 2016 shows that:
~ Hong Kong people sleep an average of 6.5 hours a day, but spend 3.7 hours ‘online’ for non-work purposes;
~ 78% of parents admitted they had quarreled with their children about use of internet-connected devices;
~ children use a smartphone for the 1st time at 1 year old.

We do not talk; we only text.
We sit at the table in silence; hands on our phone.
Our ability to talk or communicate face-to-face was completely eradicated.

*Something must be done.*


Project planning started in November 2016, before the OC Team started execution in January 2017. Raising people’s awareness of the issue of mobile obsession, and giving people reminder of putting phones down are our ultimate goals.

Beginning from own members and JCIHK members, we begin to promote the message of the campaign and encourage people to put their phones down in January, and send our kind reminders at every event.

We met potential sponsors and supporting organizations, to start bringing the message outside JCI. We collaborated with restaurants to continue the Phones Down Action into the community. We engage families and young citizens to play with ‘real’ games, instead of staying in their ‘virtual’ world.

We initiated a ‘Offline 1 Hour’ event, with the aspiration to develop the movement into an annual event.

Events Highlight
1. Phones Down in Phone-Box Action – January to August 2017
2. Roadshow – 1st May 2017
3. Collaboration with Restaurants – 6th May, 14th May 2017 (Mothers’ Day)
4. Offline Games Design Competition – June to July 2017
5. ‘Offline 1 Hour’ – 6th August 2017
6. Phone-Bag Distribution to Local Organizations – August 2017


Being a brand new campaign to raise Hong Kong citizen’s awareness of the smartphone obsession problem, and engage people to put a halt to their used behaviour, our project has achieved the following positive results:

 Over 10,000 people have participated in putting down their phones, including JCI members, restaurants customers, and local organizations.
 7,000 Phone-Bags were distributed at 30 touchpoints, including Mothers’ Day at 11 restaurants to promote family time, at local organizations to children and elderly, and at street to the public.
 More than 200 people, joined our major event ‘Offline 1 Hour’ and put down their phones together, including around 100 young citizens and 50 families.
 Over 200 volunteers worked as helpers for this project, including members from own Chapter, other Chapters, supporting organizations.
 32 creative hand-made games were created by families through our Offline Game Design Competition.
 Our posters, leaflets and roll-up banners have reached over 700,000 citizens at restaurants, schools, tutorial centers, and local organizations.
 Being the Overall Champion of “Service Anywhere Social Innovation Service Competition 2017” by VQ Foundation, our campaign have reached over 500,000 people through newspapers and online media.
 Our Phones Down Action at restaurants at Mothers’ Day has reached over 1,200,000 people through newspapers and online media.
 Our ‘Offline 1 Hour’ on 6 August has reached over 3,000,000 citizens through TVB, RTHK radio, newspapers, and online media.
 Our Facebook fanpage has over 20,000 viewers.


1. To involve more participants, both at the venue and off the venue, to participate in ‘Offline 1 Hour’ together
2. To enhance the promotion scheme and broaden the media coverage to increase awareness of the problem and create greater impact
3. To engage more restaurants, supporting organizations and stakeholders from different sectors to bring the campaign to people’s daily lives
4. To produce our own survey and approach specialists to educate the public
5. To approach more ambassadors to bring the campaign to more people

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