Love and Dreambird


Brenda Ching


From September 1, 2016 to August 13, 2017


Direct Benefits to 558,000 people with disabilities and their families members and also benefits to JCI TPS members, 2,000 JCIHK members, over 150 commercial and social service companies, NGOs and all people in Hong Kong.

Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


This Community Empowerment Program is a Campaign of Seeking Employment for people with Disabilities. We aim at conveying the
messages of harmonic cohesive society to the general public.
Direct benefits to the disabilities
1. Encourage the commercial and social services companies to
provide sustainable job vacancies and outsourcing their job
contracts to the disabled.
Strategic promotion to the public and all sections through partnership and cooperation
1. Promote a harmonic cohesive society.
2. Promote equitable employment opportunities of the disabled to employers
3. Express and arouse government in-depth awareness to have sustainable improvement actions on disabilities employment issues.
Direct benefits to members of JCI TPS and JCIHK
Raise member’s awareness to community issues and the skill sets to formulate solutions.


We treasure the impact that we have made to the community. We work with our partners (Hong Kong Caritas Rehabilitation Service) to formulate a good mechanism to measure results and impact that we achieved to ensure the effectiveness of projects. We make good use of our partners’ networks for data collection and earn recognition from these networks.
After collaboration with our partners, we have determined the impact should be measured by the following THREE statistics:
#1. Number of supporting companies
#2. Number of awards and recognition received
#3. Number & Type of Voluntary service we planned

The following figures covering the period of 1 January 2017 to 21 August 2017 has suggested that we have succeed in implementing the JCI Active Citizen Framework to create a visible and recognizable impact for a better world.
Statistic #1: Number of supporting companies
The “I-Support” campaign overs ten industries, receiving registration from 150 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is 31.6% higher than benchmark project from government (有能者聘之約章,114 SMEs).
We increased the opportunities of disabled employment in the free market. 59% of the SME interviewees acknowledged in the survey that knowing the supporting policies will contribute to their intention of employing the disabled.
The project is 100% self-financed; OC team follows the motto “Unleashing our potentials by Action” and made over 150 phone calls, sent out more than 100 invitation letters, and arranged 5 meetings with potential sponsors in order to get sufficient fund and support for the project.
We gained the support a cash sponsor from Hong Kong JC Foundation with USD1,282 and 5 non-cash sponsors.

Statistic #2: Number of awards and recognition received
We were honor to be the only Non-Governmental Organization awarded the Innovation Award for Inclusive Organization’ of 2015-16 Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organization Recognition Scheme held by the Labour and Welfare Bureau.
It was also chosen to be one of the ‘Appreciate Hong Kong’ on 2016, which increase our exposure in the community.
JCITPS is proud of being awarded Most Outstanding Organization recognized by the Labor and Welfare Bureau, for the active implementation of the Charter and becomes one of partnerships with government.
We were awarded the Best Local Community Empowerment Program in JCIHK National Convention in 2012- 2014 and JCI ASPAC in 2013 and 2014 and awarded the Most Outstanding Local Project in JCI ASPAC in 2014.
Additional Promotional Achievement
Top 3 Social Networks (Facebook, Weibo and Forums) with estimated 52,253 impression hit rate.
Reported by over 7 newspapers and media on closing ceremony.
6,000 promotional leaflets and 500 campaign booklets were distributed to over 150 supporting organizations, public citizen during closing ceremony and 2,000 JC members.
Over 6,000 promotional materials were distributed to community directly, including Kwun Tong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Shatin, Kowloon Bay and Sham Shui Po district by our dedicated OC members.
Over 200 active citizens expressed their real supports to our campaign.
Besides, valuable and genuine friendships are built up between the disabled and JCI TPS members. The friendship was maintained continually over six years. Strong and consistent bonding amongst JCI TPS members and other Local chapters has been enhanced.

Statistic #3: Various Voluntary service we completed
This year we focus on organizing and provide the chance for Intellectual disabilities to train up their communication skills to increase the opportunities in social inclusion. We always heard from different media that people with intellectual disabilities always feel that they act as a beneficiaries and socially disadvantaged groups. We believe they can also show their talents and contribute to the community with a little training.
Brief introduction of the selected voluntary service:
1. Allow intellectual disabled to visit and communicate with the elderlies that lives alone in Kowloon City

2. Provide trainings for intellectual disabled to plan and practice on executing a service day.

3. Provide opportunity for intellectual disabled to organize service day that prepare thoughtful presents to mothers for Mothers’ Day.

4. Enable intellectual disabled to look after and interact with young children


In 2017, we have taken bold steps in society to transform passion into actions to fulfill our JCI mission, vision and values through this flagship project.
With the participation of our JCITPS members, we are committed to continuously improve our project scale and scope, reinforce stakeholders’ management, better administration and effective training to members in order to embark on a new strategic plan and put this meaning project to a sustainable impact to the community.

1. Global community issue – Unite for a better world
Unemployment and Social Inclusion of intellectual disabled person is a global community issue. We target to address this local issue to the international level.
Support UN SDG Goal 8, 10, 11 and we target to link up different cities in Asia Pacific to address and learn from different government policy, commercial engagement, and NGOs resolutions.
1. Reinforce Stakeholders Management
Liaise with government body
Work closer with government departments including Labour and Welfare Bureau and Equal Opportunities Commission, district office to convey our needs for the future policy development and obtain their jointly support to create multiply impact to the community and support Government to launch the Equal Opportunities and Employment for Disabilities Charter.
Strengthen with local partnership
Actively invite more strategic partnership in civil society organizations which having like-mind organizations (other NGOs) with JCI and business sectors to effectively address issues facing in our community and to the benefits for people with disabilities.
2. Enhance Project Administration
To encourage more OC members to participate in this meaningful project, we recommend restructuring the organizational formation to match with extending project scale in future. We may divide each event into each individual sub-project to encourage more chances for being chairmanship and provide more learning opportunities to members.
3. Effective Training to Members
60% of OC members only have 1 year or less JC experience. Continuous training to members is essential to cultivate good learning atmosphere in JCITPS and acquire know-how to create positive change and impact the community.
We believe that JCI Impact Strategic/JCI official courses will let our JCI TPS members explore our role in community development and focus on the concepts of active citizenship, advocacy and project management and learn to effectively address issues facing our communities and the world. We will keep on encourage OCs and new members to join this course.
More knowledge on UN SDGs, UN Global Impact, JCI Journey of Active Citizens, JCI Impact Strategic and JCI Active Citizens Framework should be enhanced.
We have developed a Problem-based and chairmanship skill Training to all of our members and OCs to explore their potential and essential know-how learnt after the event they have prepared. Systematic review and continuous action items deduced for improvement is the key to success.

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