The Peak 2017


Brenda Ching


From September 1, 2016 to August 12, 2017


1st direct beneficial: 2017 Board members, OC team of The Peak & JCI TPS members. 2nd direct beneficial: 16 awardees and around 320,000 young citizens aged from 25 to 29 in Hong Kong & their employers 3nd direct beneficial: JCI TPS Past Presidents & Senior Members and JCI Hong Kong Members


Based on the analysis of current membership structures, member’s training needs analysis and the recommendation from our Long Range Committee, this year, JCI TPS have undertaking 3 years Strategic Revitalizing Local Action Plan (2017-2019) and 3 years Strategic Leadership Development Plan (2017-2019).


In this new JCI TPS Members Development Program – “The Peak 2017”, we are proud to summarize the actual impact after 9 months of implementation.

Targeted Categories Actual Impact by The Peak 2017
Board of Directors Ken Leung (LD Director) - Chairman of the “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017”
Improvement: Enhanced self-confidence, improved delegation to others, be responsible and better commitment to the team.
Impact to him:
• More positive thinking mindset
• “Can DO” spirits enhanced
• Elected as 2018 JCI TPS Vice President and lead the BA, CD, MA areas

Brenda Ching (HS) – Supervisor Officers of the “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017”
Improvement: Coaching skills improved, be responsible and better commitment to the team, presentation skills improved.
Impact to her:
• Enhancement on the strategic thinking mindset to lead the organization
• Know how to develop members to match with organizational development goal.
• Appointed as 2018 JCI TPS Presidential Assistant

Dante Ho (LD Officer) – Sub-Com Chairman (Nomination) and OC of the “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017”
• Become an active JCI member, and advance the JCI Mission
• More eager to learn and listen to others
• Skills developed in both project management and time management
Impact to him:
• Explored his potential to lead other members
• Step out the comfort zone to train others, and be a Trainer

Antonette Cheng–OC of the “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017
Impact to her: Project Management skills improved with strategic thinking

Kinki Cheung (CD Officer) –OC of the “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017
Impact to her: She is helpful and cheerful and has enhanced people management skills and is one of the popular icon in JCI TPS.

Angus Fan - Sub-Com Chairman (Judging) and OC of the “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017
Impact to him: Eager to learn others opinion and become more mature.

Besides, our Board of Directors also have a positive change in this program, and some of briefly summarize as follow:
President Remy:
• Enhancement on the strategic thinking mindset and manpower allocation and better motivation skills to lead the organization and members
VP King:
• be responsible and better commitment to the team and better time management

VP Peter:
• be responsible and better people management

HT Alex:
• Better strategic thinking for both manpower allocation and member development
• Nominated to 2018 National Director Candidate and further contribute to JCIHK

Director Maggie
• Better self-confident and advance the JCI Mission
• Appointed as 2018 JCI TPS Director

Director Terrence:
• Developed basic personal skills with more positive thinking mindset
• Elected as 2018 JCI TPS Honorary Treasurer and lead YA area

Director Elvis:
• Better project management skills with better time management

Director Oscar
• Developed interpersonal skills and advance JCI Mission

Director Ingrid:
• Developed people management skills and motivate members, Goffy to be elected VP in 2018, and Antonette to be Director in 2018.
New Members & Members with less than 1 year JC experience New members are specially coached by Board of Directors to identify the JC path, and cultivate good learning atmosphere and team spirits in JCI TPS. They enjoy the JCI Journey of Active Citizen by participants many JC events to equip with different skills set.

Some of the examples are shown below:

Goffy: Inspired though different training and was coached by other members in JCI TPS, and he further develops himself, and was elected to be VP in 2018.

Janice: Was inspired by The Peak 2017 program that JCI TPS offers lots of development opportunities, and glad to have Past Presidents to coach her to improve presentation skills, and was elected to be HS in 2018.

Rico: Was inspired by the awardees and advance the JCI Mission to further contribute to JCI TPS in different project areas in 2017.

Jenny: Was inspired by the awardees and appreciated the JCI Value and will continuous to contribute to JCI by participating different projects and training courses.

Jackie: Was inspired by the JCI ACF to mobilize more young people to create positive change.

Garren: Was empowered to actively participating different project positions in JCI TPS, including chairman.
Members with more than 3 year JC experience They are mature and experienced the JCI Journey in past years. We expect through involving the Action Learning Project, “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017”, they are motivated to refresh their position in JCI, and further develop themselves to contribute to community.
Past Presidents/ Senior Members 10 Past Presidents were engaged to coach our young members to motivate our young members to advance JCI Mission.
PP Senator Maric Cheng has further developed himself in training position in JCI this year. He was invited to be the Trainer in ASAPC for the JCI Official Course – JCI Impact and will continue to serve the JCIHK in coming year, as National Executive Vice President.

Awardees of “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017”
16 awardees were engage and inspired with the JCI Mission, Vision and Value.
It is a good learning opportunities for them to sharpen their leadership skills in their workplace and motivate them to contribute to the society in their spare time.

JCI TPS Members are glad to know some awardees were engaged in different JCI TPS events in past 4 weeks after the Training Camp, and one award, Ken, was recruited to be PM in JCI TPS, and expected to have 7 PMs to be recruited.

Most importantly, we mobilized co-organizer, he Hong Kong Polytechnic University as co-organizer, 15 supporting associations/organizations, and Hong Kong Government, to create sustainable impact to promote the enhancement of leadership skills in workplace and engage and empower young people in Hong Kong to enable their community to achieve sustainable impact.


With this unique leadership development program in 2017, we are committed to continuously improve our project scale and scope, reinforce partnership management, better administration and direct coaching to JCI TPS.

Regarding the 3 years Strategic Leadership Development Plan:
• Conduct annual review the membership structure and preform training need’s gap analysis against their roles and duties.
• Suggest to create different learning experience, i.e. team building camp, new LD project, to provide more member’s interest and engagement.

Regarding the project: “The Peak Workplace Young Leaders Commendation Program 2017”:

1. Reinforce Stakeholders Management
• Exchange ideas with government bodies
To exchange ideas and information with other Government bodies on youth matters with a view to convey our passion to encourage young people to sharpen their leadership skills, and obtain their jointly support to create multiply impact to the community.

• Strengthen with local partnership
Actively invite more strategic partnership with different business sectors to address issues facing in our young supervisor/manager in workplace.

2. Promotion Channel
• Conduct a survey to study the difficulties of young people in leadership in their workplace
• Invite Young Leaders & Artist as Ambassadors to promote the positive messages to the public.
• Strength the promotion on social media platform

3. Engagement with the Awardees
• Strengthen the networks and create friendship with the Awardees
To maintain a good relationship with the awardees to arouse their friends and professional in their networks to continue promoting JCI and encourage them to join us

4. Enhance Project Administration
• To formulate several operations procedures (Promotion, Training Camp, Service Day, and Closing Ceremony), to streamline the processes in running this project next year.

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