Leaders factory program


Mohamad Waseem Saad


From March 10 to July 31, 2017


JCI Members from JCI Damascus

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Having tools to perform needs assessment, analysis testing and evalution lead member to do positive change projects

Sustainable Development Goal

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Leaders factory has been launched for the aim of create a group of leaders that are able to represent the Chamber optimally, to analyze social need properly, building projects, leading teams and executing projects that commensurate with JCI's mission and values.


The program contains nearly 40 training sessions divided on 19 days intensively, trainings includes the official JCI trainings in addition to many trainings:
JCI Official Courses
- JCI Admin
- JCI Impact
- Innovation & Creativity – Ideas
JCI Official Courses
- JCI Achieve
- Effective Meetings
- listening skills
- Ethics between JCI members
Project Management
How to plan a successful project
Personal Skills
- Effective Leadership
- Delegation Skills
- Team Work
- Time Management
Personal Skills
Effective Communications
COC Training
COC Training
-conflict Management
- stress Management
- Problem Solving & Decision Making
- Negotiation Skills
Networking Skills & PR
-business etiquette and protocol
Marketing and communication
- Branding
- Visual Identity
- press release
- media appearance
Finance for Non-Financial
- Budgeting
- Sponsorship proposal
Informatics Day
-google drive
- email
- google search
- power point tips
Presentation Skills
Business game
Volunteers Management
- Volunteers Attracting
- Motivation
- Mentoring
Community Responsibility
- Social Responsibility
- Omoiyari


Graduates of a group of leaders, trainers and project managers who are fully aware of the JCI goals and vision, because When the trainee fulfills his attendance to the whole program he goes under examination of a professional commission to evaluate his commitment, beside his ability to use what he learnt practically on the ground, in case he passes the exam he'll achieve a " young outstanding leader award" certificate that's issued by JCI Damascus.
After this achievement the trainee chose whether he wishes to be a trainer within the Chapter, and here he got into TOT taining, later on, the trainee got under another examination to make sure of his ability in delivering information and being a trainer deservedly, and after passing this exam too he got an asserted certificate by the Chapter as "Leaders Makers".


Through the implementation of this program, we propose that all chapters to approved and accepted this program as a standard for acceptance of projects managers and for empower JCI members to be able to manage all JCI events and conferences and to be able to represent JCI wherever they may be.

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