Viviane Tong


From July 29 to 30, 2017


Members of Local Organization of JCI Malaysia, Youth from local communities, Local Partners & Sponsors

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


-To promote the importance of having balance between career (work), health (exercise), and famlily (love)
-To promote collaboration and strengthen relationship between APCS Local Organizations as well as other LO of JCI Malaysia
-To engage strongly with local community via healthy games
-To invite local partners to engage with other LO members and hence increase cross-collaboration between local partners and other LOs


JCIM APCS Sport Day has been long planned for years but for the first time this project was successfully organized by JCI Muar at Muar Town. JCI Muar has a group of members who are passionate about sporting and deeply believe in that balance in career, health and family is critically influencing one's success. JCIM APCS Sport Day is proudly co-hosted by JCI Johor Bahru, JCI Lead Tropicana, JCI Bandar Klang, JCI Seremban, JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur, and JCI Johor Bahru Entrepreneur. Committee has started planning and preparation 4 months before event day, including sport games, venue, accommodation, dinner gathering & sharing, detailed registration, hospitality and transportation. Event was supported by more than 10 local partners. LO members has fostered stronger relationship and motivated each other positively. Local partners was impacted and look for future partnership.


Committee has performed very strong teamwork throughout the events. On the event day, total 12 JCIM Local Organization, JCIM APCS NEVP, JCIM APCS NVP and 86 participants has joined sport games. Every participants have shown their sportmanship spirit, perseverance, trust and determination during competition, which has also helped individual LO foster stronger relationship between their members. Besides, local partners also joined our competition and gathering session, which has successfully nurtured future relationship between local partners with other Local Organization for cross-collaboration. Local partners have took initiative to seek for future partnership with JCI Muar after event while participants feedback for the great hospitality and detailed arrangement made for everyone. Committee has developed individual skill and stronger bonding among members.


-To invite more local youth, youth NGO and local sporting organization to join and collaborate with JCIM APCS Sport Day Program
-To invite more local partners so to promote the opportunities of cross-collaboration with local partners and other LOs.
-To invite local governmental bodies to join JCIM events to nurture for future sporting games

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