Poverty Simulation Program


Teresa Poon


From April 2 to August 13, 2017


End Poverty in all its forms everywhere

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

No Poverty

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To raise the awareness of local poverty problems. Working poor, poverty among women and elderly, poverty among ethnic minorities and intergenerational poverty. In order to transform hopeless to hope, JCI Hong Kong is committed to analyze this issue from all aspects and ease problems with sustainable solutions


A role-playing game that mimicked the daily realities of those living in poverty. With workshops hosted in the schools. There are workshops hosted with schools and supporting organizations.

Actions Taken

Advocator Training Day & Sustainable Development Goals Forum (2 April 2017) We have invited Hezon Tang from the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service (HKLSS) to be our guest speaker to share the poverty situation in Hong Kong. Poverty Simulation Workshop I (15 June 2017) The workshop was held in La Salle Primary School with about 100 students. Community Service Day (28 July 2017) Joined with the Jockey Club Cheung Wah Youth S.P.O.T, we visit the underprivileged families. Distributing family household products. During the visit, we would let our participants the real situation of the underprivileged families. Poverty Simulation Workshop II (13 August 2017) The workshop was held in JC office with more than 30 participants. The participants mainly come from the Hong Kong Life Planning Association and Tung Wah College.


We are delighted to report more than 200 participants joined the series of our events, and ALL 100% participants had committed to support on Sustainable Development Goals.
Most community Partners and supporting organizations know JCI and JCIHK name. JCI brand name becomes famous, reputation created and word-of-mouth in the community. It also strengthens the bonding between the community and JCIHK, and uplifting corporate image.


We would like to gather more advocators to address the local poverty problems to the public. Increase the number of workshops hold in schools. Workshop tools kit would be created and circulated so that more schools can hold the poverty workshop by them.

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