Cecilia Nilsson


August 17, 2011


Community, JCI, participants

People impacted



- Goal: Find and interacted with a number of different partners to recruit participants through. - Goal: Recruit 16 people from diverse backgrounds and arrange 4 dinners in groups of 4 over a period of 4 weeks. - Goal: Inform the press of our activities and why we are doing it. - Goal: Participants has created some outcome material from their experience of the dinners that could stimulate culture integration. - Goal: A finishing dinner has been performed with people from the groups and other JCI members on a convenient restaurant.


Thrpough something as easy as an dinner, we wanted to create a greater contact between people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Groups of four individuals have met on four occasions, one occasion where they hosted the dinner and three times when they get invited by the others in the team. This in order to increase the integration of new Swedes and make it easier to build a broader network. But also to enlighten the Swedes and build an understanding for differences.


If this project is taken on reconzider an organisation to cooperate with. Is inviting strangers to the house part of your domestic culture. Does the team need support in finding areas to talk about or activities in order to relax? How do you document the result of the project? and How is the success of the project measured?

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