Haya Jreaa


From August 26 to September 30, 2017


JCI members and local community

People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The project aimed to reduce unemployment rate and provide young people with the opportunities to start their career as freelancers


click is a 3 stages project that aims to provide young people in our local community with the opportunity to start their career as freelancers. working with partners to reduce the unemployment rate in our local community.
stage 1: is a two-days conference which aimed to spread awareness and introduce the attendances the concept of freelancing and domains , speakers where invited from all over the country to share experiences. 13 speakers participated and 160 attended the conference during which people applied for the second stage.
stage : 40 young people were selected to participate in training and workshops that will provide them with tools to succeed as freelancers
stage 3 : 4 people will be selected to participate in a camp. This experience will help them network with successful freelancers .

Actions Taken

We gladly worked with 5 different partners who shared our vision. Networking with our partners and establishing a long term relationship helped us achieve our goals and create positive change in our community. it also provided us (as members of JCI and members of the team) with the opportunity to develop our formal communication skills and acquire the necessary experience to work with partners
In each step of the project we focused on providing participants with the opportunity to network with each other and with successful Freelancers. Online speakers from Germany, Denmark, Czech republic in addition to speakers from all over Syria participated in the conference. The second stage will provide one-on-one consultancy and guidance for participants to take their first steps as freelancers and work on online platforms. The third steps will help them interact with professionals to further advance their careers, always benefiting from each other's experiences
2 days conference 26 - 27 August : during these two days many topics were discussed through interactive lectures, speakers from all over the country sharing their insights and personal experience. This initiative aimed to reduce unemployment and help active young citizens Achieve higher levels of economic productivity.
A set of Training sessions and workshops where every participant received (3-4) workshops in one of these domains (Translation – Programing – Graphic Design- Editing ).


The project helped people shift their focus to Freelancing as an answer to a better income., it also helped many people start their career as freelancer
Click provided the members with the opportunity to develop their skills in teamwork and event planning as well as gaining experience in formal communication with speakers and partners.
it was an opportunity for members to further introduced JCI to the local community. many participants joined jci family because they shared our goal of empowering young people to over come struggles such us (the high rate of unemployment in developing countries)


- Invite and involve more participants for a bigger impact

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