JCI UK Marketing Academy 2011


Solveig Malvik


August 29, 2011


All members of JCI UK

People impacted



Spread knowledge of what the mission and vision of JCI is, how it reflects on our activities and what it means to us on the ground.


A two day course in JCI branding - what is our mission and vision and what does it mean for us in our local organisations, what is a brand and why is it important, social media - how does it really work and how to get the most out of it, and word of mouth marketing - the most efficient way to talk about JCI and get others engaged.


Run the same course again, also develop material that explain the message of JCI.


50% of JCI chambers in the UK now better informed about JCI's branding, mission and vision than before. Also we had lots of fun and got to know each other.

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