World Book Day


Lama Hassan


From April 19 to 23, 2017


- To promote reading - to highlight the influence of reading, books and authors in people and society - to exchange thoughts and ideas

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


1- Creating a dialogue and an exchange of knowledge, expertise, and points of view.
2-Promoting reading and highlighting its influence.
3- Appealing the culture-interested public to the local chapter.
4- initiating a network between culture-interested persons to build a base for possible collaborations in the future.
5- highlighting the influence of literature in creating tolerance and a deeper understanding of human nature and the acknowledgement of the roots of social troubles to help find solutions.
6- promoting reading further by giving books as gifts.
7- Developing public speaking skills of the participants because all of them have participated in the dialogue.


It is an international event celebrating World Book DAY ON April 23rd. We had a session of an open dialogue about "the book or the author who has influenced in you the most". The dialogue included questions such as about the role of literature in understanding human beings and whether readers believe there's a difference between male and female writers..


1- Participants have developed public speaking skills since they all had to participate and some even have overcome stage fright, especially with the white flower they had to hold while speaking and the interactive facilitating of the session.
2- The majority believed that differences between authors are rather individualistic than gender based, they have also believed that violence, inequality and poverty are the root of crime and misbehavior all around the world which highlighted the significance of tackling relevant SDGs such as ending poverty and peace.
3- Our local chapter was introduced to society in the best way possible and played a role connecting culture-interested participants including a local book club.
4- The project has received positive media feed back (T.V,radio, newspaper) which is positive to promoting our not long ago affiliated chamber, it's projects, and the organization to our community.
5- Positive interaction and feed back have led to planning similar sessions in the future.
6- Giving books as presents had a positive impact for further encouragement.
7- We ended up knowing the mainstream writers.
8- Each perceived their friends and fellow members with a new light knowing more about their favourite and method of thinking..


A round table and a limited number are always preferable in such sessions.

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