Free Friday Clinic ‘Shukhe Oshukhe’


Molla Mashiur Rahman


From April 21, 2017 to December 31, 2022


The objective is to provide the rural people with proper medical care. Rural people are deprived of suitable medical care, this venture will help facilitate the beneficiaries with medical support. We will provide them health tips, routine check-up, first aid and make them aware about chronic diseases. This project is a part of the humanitarian responsibility which ensures people’s healthy lifestyle.

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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

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Health and Wellness


The Free Friday Medical Clinic is committed to the belief that, access to affordable health care is a basic human necessity. The Clinic aims to provide the primary care for those who do not have access to other health care providers. Our doctors are generously volunteering their time to support our community members and help improve their health. This will create positive change within the community and strengthen their position as active citizen. Thus the project ‘Shukhe Oshukhe’ is aligned with the JCI plan of action.


Health services are very important to rural residents. Physical health affects mental health, and the ability to get a job. Despite its importance, access to medical services is very limited or difficult in many communities. Therefore, we have decided to establish a free Friday clinic ‘Shukhe Oshukhe’ to serve the rural community. Thus, practitioners, doctors, physician and counsellors will play a larger role in providing primary care in rural areas. Patients, through this project will receive medications, routine care in order to lead healthy lifestyle. Thus actual emergencies can be handled more efficiently. The Community Free Clinic provides medical care and lab services at no cost to low income residents of rural areas. In addition, we provide access to free medications through our in-house pharmacy. Our free Friday clinic ‘Shukhe Oshukhe’ can fill a much needed role in providing proper medical treatment.


1000 families have been identified who are deprived of basic health care during need analysis phase. Based on that, the medical care centre with pharmacy, doctor’s chamber and an emergency room has been designed and arranged within their reach. People has become aware of the clinics and impact of the clinics for a healthy community. Through registration, the targeted people has been provided services my clinic free of cost. The doctors provided on call support in case any follow up queries by patients. Doctors were well trained and they understand local community people’s basic knowledge on importance of good health. Basic medications, free emergency service, doctors’ check-up and awareness are the continuous process of the medical camp. healthy community.
At least 90% of the targeted community people will be facilitated with a range of health tips and interventions so that the people become healthy and stay heathy. The accessibility of the medical care within the local community has encouraged their habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth and nothing is worthier than a healthy community. Finally, to foster constructive and collaborative relationships between the medical care and the socially excluded community the project played a vital role. Around 500 people are benefitted by the implementation of Shukhe Oshukhe.
• 5 skilled doctors, 3 nurse, health workers is/are kept for maintaining the clinic and training them.
• Different workshops were arranged for training the people about the significance of the clinic.
• 1000 people have been benefitted from the medical care centre.
• Around 50 volunteers were mobilized for conducting the workshops.
• Continuous inspection and monitoring were made where people’s health progress was monitored.
• Provided rural training tracks during health care education.
• Provided medical students the opportunities to obtain a broad range of medical skills which will be needed in a rural practice.


The project needs to have more partners and sponsors for scaling up and widen their sope and contribute in the health issues in Bangladesh.

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