Laolu Owolabi


July 30, 2017


Active Citizens

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Active Citizens Discourse (ACD) creates a platform for people to discuss topical issues in the society. The audiences are drawn from various professional background and age spectrum. They are well informed and have an appreciable knowledge of the issue to be discussed. It provides an opportunity for Active Citizens in the community to contribute to national discourse.


Since it started in 2012, the maiden edition of ACD was moderated by Channels TV news Anchor - Chamberlain Usoh. The ACD puts important questions to those in the spotlight. It provides the forum for debate and intelligent discussion. Invited speakers who are usually people in authority of such issue, push their case and thus enlighten the audience about the discussed issue. Topics for discussion can be drawn from any issue affecting our daily lives as individuals or as a society striving towards progress.


At the end of the discourse, it was generally resolved that while whistle blowing is in itself a veritable tool for fighting corruption, its implementation may be faced with challenges dues to weak institutions and system collapse.

JCI Lagos City drafted a comminique which was sent to the Honourable Minister of Finance, as the supervisory ministry on the need to streghten the institution, give publicity to the policy and details of the process. The proceeds or recovery of corruption from whistle blowing to be appropriated for specif projects that are beneficial to the public.


The platform of the ACD can be expanded and utilised to continue to contribute to national debate and policy formulation.

Engage traditional media to give more publicity to the discourse.

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