Deaf Awareness Week


Naily Makangu


From March 1 to June 4, 2017


Local Community and Social Media

Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Raise awareness about those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing with a view to foster more inclusion within the society. Raise money to support local charities. In addition, we also wanted to raise funds for other JCI Cambridge projects, that are part of the Deaf Awareness Programme.


The Deaf Awareness Week was the first project included in the Deaf Awareness Programme. To join with the theme set by the United Kingdom Deaf Council this year, JCI Cambridge wanted to raise awareness and celebrate diversity and inclusion within the community. As such, three events were organised as part of the Deaf Awareness Week. Firstly, a social media campaign was organised to educate the community - Did you know that some concerts now have dedicated Sign Language Interpreters? Secondly, we organised a Deaf Awareness Quiz. With authentic rounds such as "Lip Reading", "Musical Charade", "Fact Finder - True/False", the Deaf Awareness Quiz was not only fun but also informative and innovative. The event started with an awareness talk from a representative of Cambridgeshire Hearing Help. Attendees learned what they can do to help those who are deaf or hard of hearing feel more included within the community and how to effectively communicate with them. For example, speak normally but face them, when asked to repeat the same information, find a different way to say it, really pronounce and emphasise consonant, the type of environment that is not very conductive for a good evening for those with a hearing aid (e.g. loud pubs, hard flooring…). Lastly, JCI Cambridge members climbed Scafell Pike, a sponsored charity hike, in order to raise money for our chosen charities.

Actions Taken

Organise a Deaf Awareness Quiz
Sponsored Charity Hike - Climb Scafell Pike
Encourage online donations via social media campaign
Social media campaign to educate the community during the Deaf Awareness Week


- Quiz participants: 15 Members and 30 Non-Members. Online donations: 32 Total Donors.

- We raised £230 during the Deaf Awareness Quiz. The money will be used to fund another project part of the Deaf Awareness Programme: "JCI Cambridge Workshop/Seminar with British Sign Language Interpreter".

- We raised £863.75 in online donation and sponsorship during the Deaf Awareness Week online/social media campaign and sponsorship.

- The money raised online was split between Cambridgeshire Hearing Help and Cambridgeshire Deaf Association (CDA). CDA confirmed that some of the funds will be spent towards putting in double glazed windows in the communal space used for hosting their social/training events. This work was long overdue but has been postponed many times due to funding. Reducing the cost of heating means that more money can be spent towards supporting their service users.

- Our Deaf Awareness Week was picked up by the local press, "Cambridge News", and featured in their newspaper.

- The Deaf Awareness Quiz was a tremendous success. Those who attended learned a lot from our speaker and from the information shared throughout the quiz.

- Gained more engagement from members who could see the value of our organisation. Since this event, more than 50% of our active members are not only engaged but now leading projects. This project gave them the belief that we could pull off a coordinated effort and make an impact within the community.

- Raised awareness and profile of JCI Cambridge within the community.


- The money raised during the Deaf Awareness Quiz will be used to fund another project part of the Deaf Awareness Programme: "JCI Cambridge Workshop/Seminar with British Sign Language Interpreter".

- Run the Deaf Awareness Week again in 2018.

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